Happy New Year

The New Year is a time for reflection. We scrutinize the past twelve months, and look forward to the next twelve. Whether you’re reflecting on a business, an art project, a performance, or life as an individual, there will always be something to criticize and regret. There will also be many things to smile and laugh about, and file away in our inner cabinets of cherished memories. It is my hope that these are the moments we take with us into the New Year. Mistakes are merely lessons. Learn from them and move forward with hope and determination. It’s often hard, but oh so essential, to be grateful we get to experience any of it–let alone all of it. Isn’t life beautiful and amazing?

I hope your reflections are filled with laughter, joy, peace, increased knowledge and charity, excitement, motivation, and intense love.

Happy New Year 2018. May it be everything you can possibly dream.

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