Edinburgh: A Unique Experience

Edinburgh is one of the Castle’s most memorable rooms. Nearly anyone who’s ever come, even just for a tour, can recall “the red room”. For some, the red walls are too much. Others are surprised by the subtlety of the red in real life; they say the photos are far more intense.

Guests who stay in Edinburgh enjoy a 43″ 4K UHD Roku TV, complete with our complimentary online movie library, mounted on a swivel mount, allowing for maximum binge enjoyment from the jetted tub, couch, or cozy Queen bed.

For me, personally, Edinburgh is an interesting social experiment. It’s amazing to see the reactions of our guests which range from claims that the red walls combined with the knight keeping watch during their stay will give them nightmares (or knightmares as I prefer to think of them), to gasps of breathless adoration for the “stunningly gorgeous” and spacious room.

These moments remind me just how distinct and diverse is each person who walks the face of our beautiful Earth. Every pair of eyes observes the world from a unique perspective. I believe that, rather than divide us, our differences are what connect us and expand our horizons. Nobody has to like the same things as their peers, and it’s ok to totally geek out over something others consider quirky or downright bizarre. How boring life would be if our thoughts were all the same!

I’m grateful for Edinburgh, my personal little reminder that our world is beautiful because of its individual inhabitants.Edinburgh isn’t like any of our other rooms. It’s unique, just like each one of us. And I absolutely love it!

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