Great News!

I just found out something wonderful and had to tell all you lovely people about it! I’m not even sure when this is going down, or what all the details are, but I couldn’t wait! (I’ll post updates as I get them.)

The Castle is going to host a tea party for Grandparents to bring their Grandkids. (Before you start feeling left out, parents can also attend if you’d like!) It’s going to be a formal occasion, so everyone will be dressed up fancy and have the chance to get their photo taken. How ADORABLE is that? A tea party in a Castle!

I’m so excited, especially because we’re not generally a child-friendly business. Most of our guests are couples on a romantic getaway, or business people needing a quiet place to work, and, as you all know, children don’t mix well in these situations. But so many kids love to come tour the Castle every week. It’s so fun to see their eyes light up and ask “Is this where the Princess sleeps?”

It’ll be so fun to have them come spend a special day in the Castle with the people they love most in the world! (We all know they prefer Grandma and Grandpa! It’s no secret.😂)

We’ll be sending out an official invitation (hopefully before March ends–I’m still waiting to hear) with instructions to RSVP. Obviously it will be very limited as our dining room can only seat so many for a party like this!

I can’t wait! 🍽️🍨🏰👑

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