An Amazing Woman

Here is a post from the amazing woman who is hosting the Women’s Support Retreat on April 10th. I tell you what, I know a lot of incredible people, but Heidi really stands out! She has dedicated so much of her time to comforting and helping women who have suffered the pain of pregnancy loss and infertility. I can’t wait to have you meet her in April. I’m so grateful to know her and have the Castle be involved in some of the wonderful work she does. Isn’t it great to know the world is filled with selfless people who truly care about others? 🌺

“For those of you who don’t know, I started a non-profit organization called Footprints in My Heart. It’s to help those struggling with infertility and those whohave suffered a loss of their baby any time during pregnancy.

We send care packages to couples experiencing any of these tragedies, and recently organized a support group for any woman or man who is going through this and wants the support of others who are, too. I know that everyone has their own experience, and they are not exactly the same, but I think we can still relate to each other with what we are going through and help each other.

Since April is infertility awareness month, the support group is having an event for women. It will be held April 10th at Castle Creek Inn. We are inviting all those struggling with infertility and those suffering a loss while they were pregnant to come together and have a girls support night. There will be a dinner, a few speakers, and then time to ask/answer questions and get to knows others that you can connect with.

Please share this with anyone who could benefit from a support night out!

I’m still finishing my website but it should be available before the support night. I’ll keep people updated as it gets finished so they can go on and get a package sent to them or get updates on support group events.”

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