I Truly Can’t Help Myself

I know I said I was going to control myself with the excessive Ultimate Romance Package photos, but just look at this adorable little Easter bunny! The owner got him special for the package because it was so close to Easter Sunday. I’m beside myself.

I don’t even use this phrase, but “You guys… I just can’t!”

Once I took his photo, I had to snap the rest of the package. After all, it’s set up in my favorite room and looks so amazing. 

Sometimes I feel bad for giving Ivanhoe so much attention. It’s kind-of spoiled that way. But it gets away with it because it’s just so handsome. (I guess you could say Ivanhoe is like the Brad Pitt of Castle guest rooms. )

Anyway, I just saw that we have another Ultimate Romance Package on Saturday. Looks like we’re gonna have to find another adorable bunny!

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