5-Day Countdown!

Today begins the 5-day countdown to the wonderful Women’s Support Retreat! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday we announced the date! In order to get everybody excited, I’ll be posting a few details each day until Tuesday.

First off, we do still have a few spots available, so get your tickets if you’re wanting to come. You can either call (801)567-9437 or order them online at: https://resnexus.com/…/Reserva…/Lodging/RetailAndSpecials/5…


The retreat will be run by two of the most amazing, powerful women I’ve personally had the pleasure of associating with. Their names are Emily and Heidi, whom you glimpsed in a past post. Without disclosing too much (I have to save some for the rest of the countdown!), let me tell you a bit about these rock stars. 

Born and raised right here in the Salt Lake Valley, Emily is outdoorsy and adventurous. If I’m still around for the apocalypse, I definitely want to be in her camp, which I can guarantee she’ll be running safely and efficiently. She’s as fierce and strong-willed inside as she is outside.

Emily has suffered loss with four of her eight pregnancies. Two of those losses were stillbirths. I was able to attend both funerals and I can tell you this spiritual giant of a woman has learned the hard way to make building blocks out of tragedy and excruciating pain. She is fighting the good fight, teaching her children how to brave the storms of life and, not only survive, but thrive!

A successful professional woman, Emily somehow manages to balance family, work, and outreach wherein she blesses the lives of countless women by offering emotional and communal support. Don’t expect her support to come wrapped neatly in a box with a ribbon and bow. She will not sugarcoat anything. She knows that what a woman suffering loss needs is raw, unadulterated, naked truth. She acknowledges the pain of miscarriage and stillbirth with the words many of us only utter in prayer, or while crying alone, and will discuss with us the uphill battle that is survival and recovery.

Emily is great at transforming feelings into words. You will likely experience relief and entertainment simultaneously when you interact with her. She is real and loving and charitable and empathetic and beautiful, and your own beauty and determination will be strengthened by welcoming her into your life. She is an excellent person to have in your corner.

After suffering miscarriage, Heidi immediately knew she needed to reach out to others who were suffering pregnancy loss. She didn’t skip a beat in establishing her nonprofit, Footprints in My Heart, and creating care packages that she personally delivers to couples she either knows herself or hears about from family and friends. Her ability to mourn with those who mourn is stunning. Hers is the purest love.

Heidi is well-traveled and fluent in French. She understands various cultures and ways of viewing the world. She knows not everyone processes pain and loss the same way. She is an expert in finding many ways to succor those who cross her path. I guarantee you will feel welcome, comfortable, and at home in her presence no matter your background or current situation, as I always have.

At the retreat, Heidi will present many ways in which you can become involved in the nonprofit. She makes these beautiful material flower bouquets and other gifts for both the mother and father. There can never be too many hands helping with these awesome projects! She also has a care package for those suffering from infertility. There are many ways you can contribute your efforts to the cause.

First and foremost, Heidi wants to help YOU! If you would like to receive one of these care packages at the retreat, whether for pregnancy loss, infertility, or infant loss, please get in touch with us so we can get them ready for you. As always, these packages come free of charge. They are created from the goodness of this incredible woman’s heart.

I’ll post more about Emily and Heidi as we get closer to the event. I’ve included the event schedule below. Please take a look and let me know if there are any questions!

Women’s Support Retreat Event Schedule

Check-In: 4:00-6:00 PM
If you choose to reserve a guest room for the night, check-in goes from 4:00-6:00 PM. Guest room reservations are NOT required for you to attend the event. Each room can accommodate single or double occupancy and the cost can be split between guests who would like to share a room. You must call to reserve your room. Breakfast is included on the morning of the 11th for all guests staying overnight.
Guest Room: $99

Main Event: 6:00-8:00 PM
This part of the event will include welcome and introductions, dinner, our wonderful keynote speakers, a quick presentation about local charities and support groups, including information on how you can receive support and also become involved in supporting others who suffer from infertility or pregnancy loss, as well as an open discussion with all attendees.
*Guests who are attending the event, but not reserving an overnight room, please arrive between 5:45-6:00 PM.
Main Event: $35

Networking: 8:00 PM Until You Choose to Leave
Beginning at 8 o’clock, you’ll have the chance to network with our keynote speakers and the other attendees. There will be signup sheets for those interested in becoming involved with a support group. While this event is designed to connect women, please don’t worry if you’re shy and don’t like speaking in groups. You don’t have to speak or share anything personal if you prefer to just listen and participate in your own way!

Dinner Menu:
A variety of nonalcoholic beverages
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Potato Bar
Green Beans
*If you have food allergies, please include them in the “Preferences” section of your online reservation, or make sure to let our staff know if you purchase your ticket over the phone.
*Dinner is included for everybody at no additional cost.

Please note: The Women’s Support Retreat is for women ages 16 and up. Exceptions cannot be made for this event.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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