Castle Book Club?

The Castle loves to be involved in our amazing community here in the Salt Lake Valley. We have such a unique, diverse society and we feel so blessed to be part of it.

One thing I’ve had my eyes opened to recently is how many aspiring writers we have in the state. Just this year we’ve rented rooms to somewhere around fifteen writers looking for a quiet, private place to finish books and other projects.

One thing they all had in common was the need for readers to give them feedback on drafts and rewrites without having to spend a fortune on a beta group. This got me wondering how I could encourage and help them. And I thought…

What about a Castle Book Club?

I LOVE to read. The experience of immersing yourself in a good book is incredibly satisfying. Especially if the story is brand-new and not well-known! I always feel like I’m in on a kind-of secret when I find a book like that.

I’d like to have a Castle Book Club dedicated to reading and critiquing local aspiring authors only. They would send me a copy of their manuscript to share with the club and we would give them feedback as we read each week. This would give us a chance to create close friendships as well as offer a valuable service to our fellow Utahns while being entertained.

It would likely begin this fall and be once a week, at a set time, in the Castle dining room. We wouldn’t be able to accommodate children for this, unfortunately. I don’t anticipate there being any cost to join the club, but we would probably have a lunch menu available for members to order food, drinks, and desserts. I haven’t made any concrete plans, so these details could change.

Watch for updates as I finalize my plans!

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