Castle Father’s Day Package

Announcing the Castle Father’s Day Package!🕺

This process has been enlightening. I know all you menfolk think you’re so simple and easy-going, but you’re so wrong. Women are ridiculously easy to surprise. Get her chocolates, flowers, jewelry, take her to her favorite restaurant, or simply make her a bowl of ice cream and she’s elated for days. For me, it’s as easy as bringing home a fresh block of sharp cheddar to make my heart flutter.😍💗🧀

After conversing with several men, from various walks of life, I’ve finally settled on the most universally satisfying package the Castle can offer for Father’s Day. But, listen, it was an uphill battle to get here.🤪

Ideas ranged from having t-shirts, hats, or socks with sports team logos, favorite anime shows, video game characters, or funny sayings in your room at check-in, to movie tickets and a night on the town, to renting out my husband’s Nintendo Switch for the night. But every time I relayed one man’s suggestion to the next, he was like, “Nah. How about this other totally unrelated and random thing?”😂🤣🤔

It was after a few men pointed out that Father’s Day is all about celebrating Fatherhood and just spending quality time with your family, I realized I needed to keep it simple and focus on the aspect of spending time together. In this case, spending time with the woman who made you a Father, and with whom you’re building your life. And that’s what the Castle is all about! I guess it should’ve been obvious!🤷‍♀️

So, if you’d like to celebrate Father’s Day here at the Castle, you’ll be treated to the guest room most fit for a king, the King’s Lodge. You’ll be served a delicious dinner for two, dessert included, either in the Grand Dining Hall or in your room. You’ll be able to enjoy all the best junk foods America has to offer, as well as a Deluxe Bath Set waiting for you on your jetted tub.💦🛁

I tried my best to make this Bath Set look manly. 💪While putting it together, I thought of this amazing exchange from Psych:

Henry: “I have taken baths for years, Shawn. That is where I think. I’ve solved dozens and dozens of gruesome, gruesome murder cases sitting in a tub. FYI, historically, real men have always taken baths.”

Shawn: “Name one.”

Henry: “John Wayne. Rio Bravo. Bath.”

The Deluxe Bath Set comes with a wonderful lotion that’s perfect for a foot massage, which was mentioned by a few guys. (*Hint for all you loving wives! 😉)

As always, our movie library will be available for some added entertainment, and if you’d like, we will bring breakfast to your room. The King’s Lodge has a lovely dining area and is just perfect for a quiet meal together.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

The Father’s Day package is available for purchase here. While it can be purchased online, an online purchase doesn’t reserve a date for you, only the package itself. Please call to set up your actual reservation. (801)567-9437.😊

Happy early Father’s Day!!! Dads are just the absolute best!💘

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