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Castle Rental Options

Option 1. Rent the Entire Castle

Rent the Castle for your next event, including our ten guest rooms, and the Grand Dining Hall.

This option makes the Castle available to you at 3:00pm, and until 11:00am the next day. All set-up and clean-up must be done in that time. Before 3:00pm our staff will be working hard to make sure the facility is ready for you. Breakfast is included for up to 20 guests the following morning.

Guests staying the night in a guest room must be 12 or older. Special permission may be given for infants to stay. There is one parking spot per guest room at the Castle, reserved for guests spending the night. Off-site parking is available for additional guests. Please call or email Michelle at (801) 567-9437 or info@castlecreekbb.com for details.

Weekday Price (Mon-Thurs): $2,369.67

Weekend Price (Fri & Sat): $2,606.12

(Taxes are included in these prices.)

For information about Sunday events, please call or email Michelle at (801) 567-9437 or info@castlecreekbb.com.

Option 2. Rent the Grand Dining Hall

This option makes the dining hall available to you between the hours of 11:30am until 3:30pm. All set-up and clean-up must be done in that time. Before 11:30am our staff will be working hard to make sure the facility is ready for you. You are not required to rent the facility for that entire time. You can rent it for as long as you need for your event within those hours.

Included in the dining hall rental is access to the Garden Suite. You can use the Garden Suite for storing boxes, decorations, gifts, etc. It works well for a mother’s lounge, and is also where your guests will use the restroom during your event. For an additional $50, two guests from your party can stay the night in the Garden Suite, breakfast included the next morning.

There are ten parking spaces available in our parking lot for events. Please plan accordingly.

Weekday Price (Mon-Thurs): $75/hr + $99 for Garden Ste (Taxes not included in price.)

Weekend Price (Fri & Sat): $75/hr + $125 for Garden Ste (Taxes not included in price.)

This option is not available on Sunday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Services Included in Rental Options above

Dining Room: Counter space, 8 square tables, 18 chairs, red or white tablecloths, Speakers

Front Patio: 1 large round table, 1 small square table, 6 chairs, patio lights

Additional Services (Not Included in Rental Options above)

Castle Catering: $4 – $25 / plate

Please email Heidi at castlecatering13@gmail.com for answers to catering questions.

  • Outside catering welcome
    • Kitchen Access $100
    • Caterer must provide their own staff for prep, service, and cleanup
    • Caterer must use their own equipment, including dishes and silverware

Banquet Tables (8’) with White Tablecloths: $15 each

Folding Chairs:

  • 26 Chairs $20
  • 40 Chairs $35

Dining Room Rearrangement: $10 – $60

Flower Arrangement Removed from Mantel: $10

Guest access to Castle Kitchen: $100

  • Fridge Space + $25
  • Ovens for Warming + $15

Use of Castle Dishes and Silverware: $50-$200 (Depending on number of guests)

  • Dish washing fee $25 / hour

Use of Disposable Castle Dishes and Silverware: $20

Blue or Gray Tablecloths: $35 Setup Fee

Tea Set Display Removed from Dining Room: $40 (Required for events with children under 12)

For more information about Retreats, Parties, Weddings, Photo Shoots, and other events, call Michelle at 801-567-9437 or email her at info@castlecreekbb.com.