Happy Easter

Happy, happy Easter to you and yours!

May your day be filled with all the best things in life:

family, friends, food, faith, and fun!

Special Occasions

What special occasion do you have coming up this Spring?

Every day feels like a special occasion for us here at the Castle because we get to see our wonderful guests!

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Breakfast: the most magical time of day! <3


Complimentary Snack Bar

Is there anything in life better than a complimentary snack bar? Not in our opinion. It’s there whenever the sweet tooth kicks in. And everybody knows calories don’t exist on vacation!



We love watching spring brighten the Castle grounds. We hope you can all come and enjoy this beautiful season with us. Check out our rooms page to choose your perfect guest room. <3

The best view in the Castle.

The best view in the Castle.

Wedding Season is Here!

We love wedding season at the Castle! If you’re still looking for a romantic honeymoon spot, or a venue for a small-medium sized wedding, please check us out! Come in for a tour or read about our Events right here on our website!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Events at Castle Creek Inn

This time of year we get a lot of questions about the Castle as an event facility. We do host events, and would love to host yours! Please see if we’re a good fit by visiting our Events & Catering page http://castlecreekbb.com/about-the-inn/event-facility/.

The Snack Bar: The Most Important Part

At the Castle we believe in snacking. So we’re constantly updating our snack bar. Check out the newest additions! We h

ope you love them.


The Rooms with Balconies

There are two rooms at the Castle, on the second level, with gorgeous balconies that overlook the beautiful back garden.


Ivanhoe is one of the most popular rooms at the Castle, and for good reason! It boasts an incredibly comfortable queen bed, large jetted tub with waterfall faucet, separate walk-in shower, mini-fridge, full leather couch, large TV, and, of course, the all-night snack bar is included! Do yourself and favor; stay in Ivanhoe!


Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet is well-known among our guests. Most couples have stayed here at least once. It’s even a popular choice for business persons flying solo. It must be the spacious work desk that compliments the rest of this cozy, relaxing room. Enjoy a marvelous king-size bed, balcony with the perfect view, jetted tub, separate walk-in shower, mini fridge, free movie library, and, of course, the all-night snack bar! Don’t miss out on these beautiful balcony rooms! You will love them. <3

The Rooms with Beautiful Turrets

The Castle has two rooms with breathtaking turrets. They both face the front of the Castle and are on the second level.

Rapunzel’s Tower

Rapunzel’s Tower is one of our loveliest rooms. With a comfortable queen bed, jetted tub, free movie library and free all-night snack bar, you’ll always remember the night you stayed here.


Cinderella’s Attic

Cinderella’s Attic was remodeled and renamed in 2016. Everything is fresh and new. We even have Cinderella’s glass slipper in a beautiful case on the fireplace mantel. You’ll never want to leave this room. It has everything! Come by and see for yourself. <3

The Rooms that Love the Gardens

There are two rooms connected to the Gardens here at the Castle.

Canterbury Suite

Because the Canterbury Suite has the smallest floor space, it’s possibly our coziest room. It also boasts a king-size bed, and our largest jetted tub. The beautiful window overlooks the back garden. You’ll feel you’ve hidden away from the world in this beautiful room. Especially when you turn on your lovely fireplace. Read a good book or play chess. The time is yours!


The Garden Suite

The Garden Suite is a favorite around here. With a king-size bed, jetted tub, walk-in shower, mini fridge, Roku TV, DVD player, free movie library, and all-night complimentary snack bar, you’ll remember forever your night in the Garden Suite! This is our wheelchair accessible room. The bathroom and shower are equipped with support bars. Personal parking space just steps away from the room.

Between the Front and Back Doors

Two rooms sit side-by-side between the large, heavy front door of the Castle, and the back door that leads out to the parking lot.

Palace Royale

Palace Royale is simple, yet elegant. Treat yourself to a lovely experience. Read by the fireplace, relax on the sofa, soak in the jetted tub, or binge-watch your newest show from the four-post bed.



Edinburgh is the binge-watcher’s room! You can watch the TV from anywhere: the queen bed, comfy sofa, or jetted tub. Just kick your feet up, relax, and forget the world.

Downstairs at the Castle

The King’s Lodge

The King’s Lodge is the largest room here at the Castle. It features a king-size bed, pool table, jetted tub, walk-in shower, dining table, Roku TV, mini fridge, and, of course, our all-night complimentary snack bar! Make this room your 2017 resolution! <3




Just across the hall from the King’s Lodge is Excalibur. This room has a rich history. For a long time it was thought to be the “haunted” room. Now, it boasts one of the coziest getaways at the Castle. In its own private hallway, you’ll feel separate from the rest of the world. Come on over! Excalibur awaits! <3

Happy New Year! Looking Forward to 2017!

Happy New Year from the Castle Creek Inn staff! We hope you have a safe, memorable celebration, surrounded by your loved ones!

Looking forward to 2017!!!


Gift Certificates

Watch for our Gift Certificate Special in your email. If you’re not on our email list, call us at (801) 567-9437 to be added today. Enjoy your Holiday Season. We hope to see you soon!backyard garden lighter-sky patio sky statue tower

Happy Thanksgiving

May we all take time today to reflect on those things for which we’re truly grateful. For us here at the Castle, it’s all of you: our guests, our friends, the individuals who make our work so worthwhile and wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We hope you have a magical Holiday Season! We’d love to be a part of it. 🙂

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We just love the Holidays! That special feeling is in the air; people coming together for meaningful conversations, a romantic night out on the town, songs of praise or winter fun. At Castle Creek Inn we work to create an atmosphere that allows our guests to make lasting memories, and forget the world for a while.

No matter what your celebrations entail at the end of this year, make sure to create some memories that you can have forever. The time we spend with loved ones is what makes the other times worth it.

Our November special is the best special we’ve run at the Castle. Monday-Thursday, rooms are just $99, Friday-Saturday $125, and if you stay Saturday and Sunday in the same room, Sunday is 50% off. Take advantage! This special doesn’t come around very often. It’s our way of showing our thanks this Thanksgiving for our wonderful guests who make what we do so wonderful!


It’s the Most Beautiful Time of the Year

Don’t miss this beautiful season at the Castle. Bring a camera and your best smile. <3

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A Beautiful New Season

We just love Fall at the Castle. What an exciting time of year. The weather is still lovely and the excitement of the Holidays begins to fill the air. The colors change and brighten the garden, causing couples to stay a little longer by the pond. Pumpkin treats can be smelled baking from the kitchen and the Apple Cider goes faster than ever from the Snack Bar. Don’t miss this amazing season. Come and bring in the most festive time of year with us at Castle Creek Inn.


Feel like Royalty at the Castle!

You’ll feel like Royalty at the Castle! Rekindle that special magic you felt the first time you met. If you mention this post “Rekindle the Magic” you can choose one of the following: “Candlelight Romance”, “Late Night Munchies”, or “Deluxe Bath Set” for free on any new reservation. Valid Friday and Saturday only. Good through September!

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$99 Back to School Special!

It’s that time of year again! The munchkins are off to school and mom and dad need one last fling before school gets into full swing. Take advantage of our back to school special! Book any room for $99 Monday through Thursday from now until September 30th, 2016. Please call us at 801-567-9437 for this special.

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

This blog post is about food. So, appropriately, it’ll be pictures of food, and less words. Of course I know there’s a picture of a banana split in there. But nobody ever told me that couldn’t be breakfast. Enjoy!

pancakes2pancakes bfast bfast2 Breakfast Picture banana split

The Castle: Your Safe Haven

In life we find people or places who become a safe haven from life’s every-day trials. We strive to make Castle Creek Inn one of these places for our guests. We know you work hard every day and by evening just want to collapse into bed and not have to set an alarm for the next morning.

Our goal is to provide all of our guests with an exceptional night of rest, relaxation, fun, and/or romance. We want you to feel like you’ve reached your safe haven, your little piece of heaven. We know these moments are few and far between, and the ones you choose to spend here with us we truly want to last forever.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of the special moments in your lives–anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, Holidays, and that quiet night away from the chaos (which can be the most special night of them all). We look forward to many more special occasions with you, and promise to continue working to improve the guest experience.

Best wishes, The Castle Staff

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The staff here at Castle Creek Inn was delighted to see we were chosen to be a Pokestop on the quest to catch ’em all. If you haven’t checked out Pokemon Go, you should. It’s encouraging people to get outside and move around in this beautiful sunshine. Anything that promotes healthy activity is a great thing in my book! And believe me, there are plenty of Pokemon hiding around the Castle grounds. The staff is loving finding them here.

Replenish your Pokeballs and other items, then replenish your spirit with a peaceful night at the Castle. Both are fun and fulfilling. It’s the little joys, the little moments that make us laugh out loud or smile that make the other moments worth it.

Have a fantastic weekend! And trainers, good luck out there. Catch ’em all!