Updates to the Movie Library!

If you love movies like we do, you’ll love this snap shot of our latest additions to our online movie library, available and free to all our guests at the Castle!

I just watched The Foreigner the other day and haven’t stopped speaking in an Irish accent. It was a surprisingly captivating movie; I really enjoyed it! That could be because I love me some Jackie Chan. 😍

Our Beautiful New Room: Versailles

Here’s a sneak peek of our new room for 2018. I love that this beautiful Castle is owned by someone who constantly works to improve the guest experience and overall atmosphere. She pays attention to the tiniest details and really puts her heart into every project.

I apologize for the photo quality. I snapped these on my cell phone quickly before check-in today. Better photos will be posted next week! But for now… Welcome to Versailles!

The Haunted Castle Experience (Coming October 2018)

Several staff members and I think it would be really cool to do a haunted experience here at the Castle during the month of October. Creepy things would happen all throughout your stay. I, personally, could never do it as a guest because I’m extremely fragile that way, but I’d have a blast if I’m not the one being scared.

What do you all think? Would you enjoy a haunted experience here at the Castle? Could you do it? How scary could you handle your night being on a PG-R rating? I’m right about a PG level myself. I could maybe have someone jump out at me one time, but then I’d be done for the rest of the night.

I’m so excited to get your thoughts on this!

The Castle is a Cyclops!

I was laughing about this with the management team earlier. Tell me if you see it, too!

In this photo, the Castle looks like a cyclops with a gaping mouth and just two little bottom teeth. The lamp posts look like dimples! It gives me the giggles.

Women Support Retreat Update

I was informed this week we have very limited seating still available for the Women’s Support Retreat on April 10th. I believe there were just 12 spots open. So there is still room if you’re wanting to come with a group or purchase individual tickets.

If you’re planning to come and just haven’t gotten around to buying your tickets, please do so! I’d hate for you to miss out on this wonderful event!

Get your tickets online at https://resnexus.com/…/Reserva…/Lodging/RetailAndSpecials/5… or call us at 801-567-9437.

I’ll see you there!💜

Dreaming of Spring

I came across this photo this week. I so cannot wait for the lower fish pond to look like this again! Come on warm weather! I’m rooting for you!

Great News!

I just found out something wonderful and had to tell all you lovely people about it! I’m not even sure when this is going down, or what all the details are, but I couldn’t wait! (I’ll post updates as I get them.)

The Castle is going to host a tea party for Grandparents to bring their Grandkids. (Before you start feeling left out, parents can also attend if you’d like!) It’s going to be a formal occasion, so everyone will be dressed up fancy and have the chance to get their photo taken. How ADORABLE is that? A tea party in a Castle!

I’m so excited, especially because we’re not generally a child-friendly business. Most of our guests are couples on a romantic getaway, or business people needing a quiet place to work, and, as you all know, children don’t mix well in these situations. But so many kids love to come tour the Castle every week. It’s so fun to see their eyes light up and ask “Is this where the Princess sleeps?”

It’ll be so fun to have them come spend a special day in the Castle with the people they love most in the world! (We all know they prefer Grandma and Grandpa! It’s no secret.😂)

We’ll be sending out an official invitation (hopefully before March ends–I’m still waiting to hear) with instructions to RSVP. Obviously it will be very limited as our dining room can only seat so many for a party like this!

I can’t wait! 🍽️🍨🏰👑

Edinburgh: A Unique Experience

Edinburgh is one of the Castle’s most memorable rooms. Nearly anyone who’s ever come, even just for a tour, can recall “the red room”. For some, the red walls are too much. Others are surprised by the subtlety of the red in real life; they say the photos are far more intense.

Guests who stay in Edinburgh enjoy a 43″ 4K UHD Roku TV, complete with our complimentary online movie library, mounted on a swivel mount, allowing for maximum binge enjoyment from the jetted tub, couch, or cozy Queen bed.

For me, personally, Edinburgh is an interesting social experiment. It’s amazing to see the reactions of our guests which range from claims that the red walls combined with the knight keeping watch during their stay will give them nightmares (or knightmares as I prefer to think of them), to gasps of breathless adoration for the “stunningly gorgeous” and spacious room.

These moments remind me just how distinct and diverse is each person who walks the face of our beautiful Earth. Every pair of eyes observes the world from a unique perspective. I believe that, rather than divide us, our differences are what connect us and expand our horizons. Nobody has to like the same things as their peers, and it’s ok to totally geek out over something others consider quirky or downright bizarre. How boring life would be if our thoughts were all the same!

I’m grateful for Edinburgh, my personal little reminder that our world is beautiful because of its individual inhabitants.Edinburgh isn’t like any of our other rooms. It’s unique, just like each one of us. And I absolutely love it!

So Romantic!

A couple more photos I snapped over the weekend. I just love the romantic add-ons; they make for such a lovely getaway.

Funny Ice Cream

I was carrying these banana splits to a room over the weekend when I saw how funny the ice cream sticking out the side looked. I hurried and snapped a photo so I could share it. It still makes me giggle, I’m not even sure why!

Do you see it on the bottom left?😂

Cold Weather Makes for Great Date Nights!

This weather is perfect for a warm fire and creamy hot chocolate! 💝🔥

To Simpler Times!

Don’t root beer floats and pizza just take you back to a simpler time?

Mmm mmm mmm… There’s something cozy about it!😇💝🌟

The Coziest Breakfast Tip

Here’s a secret tip: If you stay on a night that’s a bit slower, usually early in the week (Mon-Wed), you may be able to get a customized breakfast brought straight to your room. Customized breakfasts and room deliveries aren’t available when we’re busy as our kitchen isn’t large enough for multiple orders and our kitchen staff is busy making sure there’s enough food in the buffet for everybody (including guests with food allergies).

If this is something you would love, and your schedule is a bit flexible, call the Castle and we’ll find you a quiet night and set up your custom breakfast in bed. 😍👑💖

These photos are from one such breakfast this morning.😋

Winter in Utah

As much as the snow can be stressful and frankly kind-of a pain in the back, I do think it’s one of the prettiest things to behold. (I am missing that warmer, Spring-like weather, though.)

The Most Important Meal of the Day

I hope you all remembered the most important meal of the day! This breakfast was made for one of the sweetest couples ever.💘

Happy Tuesday!

Women’s Support Retreat

I hope you all saw the official announcement for the Women’s Support Retreat on April 10th. I’ve received many questions throughout the day about the dinner menu, event schedule, and cost, so I thought I’d do a follow-up post with general information before tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (8:00 AM). Let me know in the comments if I forgot any info you need!

Tickets will be available for purchase online at: https://resnexus.com/…/Reserva…/Lodging/RetailAndSpecials/5…
You can also call (801)567-9437 to reserve a spot at the event.

Women’s Support Retreat Event Schedule

Check-In: 4:00-6:00 PM
If you choose to reserve a guest room for the night, check-in goes from 4:00-6:00 PM. Guest room reservations are NOT required for you to attend the event. Each room can accommodate single or double occupancy and the cost can be split between guests who would like to share a room. You must call to reserve your room. Breakfast is included on the morning of the 11th for all guests staying overnight.
Guest Room: $99

Main Event: 6:00-8:00 PM
This part of the event will include welcome and introductions, dinner, keynote speakers, a quick presentation about local charities and support groups, including information on how you can receive support and also become involved in supporting others who suffer from infertility or pregnancy loss (there are so many ways beyond monetary donations–the simplest thing can make a world of difference to these women!), as well as an open discussion with all attendees. This will allow our guests to freely acknowledge and express their pain and receive immediate, raw support from others who understand.
*Guests who are attending the event, but not reserving an overnight room, please arrive between 5:45-6:00 PM.
Main Event: $35

Networking: 8:00 PM Until You Choose to Leave
Beginning at 8 o’clock, you’ll have the chance to network with our keynote speakers and the other attendees. There will be signup sheets for those interested in becoming involved with a support group. While this event is designed to connect women, please don’t worry if you’re shy and don’t like speaking in groups. You don’t have to speak or share anything personal if you prefer to just listen and participate in your own way!

Dinner Menu:
A variety of nonalcoholic beverages
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Potato Bar
Green Beans
*If you have food allergies, please include them in the “Preferences” section of your online reservation, or make sure to let our staff know if you purchase your ticket over the phone.
*Dinner is included for everybody at no additional cost.

I think that covers it! Feel free to let me know if I forgot something.

Please note: The Women’s Support Retreat is for women ages 16 and up. Exceptions cannot be made for this event.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Castle Mugs

I absolutely LOVE our Castle mugs. They’re handcrafted and uniquely designed with the Castle right on the front. They’re so popular, we recently added a couple new designs to our retail selection. I included each one in the photos below. I really don’t have a favorite because I love them all so much.

One mug: $16.50
Two mugs: $32

*The mugs are made by Deneen Pottery. They do such amazing work. Their mugs are high-quality and extremely durable. If you love mugs, like I do, check out their amazing craftsmanship at deneenpottery.com. 💖


My favorite thing has to be seeing the staff carry trays full of romantic add-ons to the guest rooms! It always makes me so happy. They’re probably sick of me stopping them to take pictures!😍


Ivanhoe has always been my favorite room here at the Castle. It offers all the regular amenities: jetted tub, fireplace, fridge, online movie library, etc. Plus, it has a few other things that I just love: balcony, full leather couch, spacious layout, separate walk-in shower, waterfall faucet, and rustic atmosphere. Every time I get asked for a recommendation, I recommend Ivanhoe! If you haven’t stayed in this room, I really think you should!😍💖😘

Breakfast Secret

Here’s a secret tip: If you stay on a night that’s a bit slower, usually early in the week (Mon-Wed), you may be able to get a customized breakfast brought straight to your room. Customized breakfasts and room deliveries aren’t available when we’re busy as our kitchen isn’t large enough for multiple orders and our kitchen staff is busy making sure there’s enough food in the buffet for everybody (including guests with food allergies).

If this is something you would love, and your schedule is a bit flexible, call the Castle and we’ll find you a quiet night and set up your custom breakfast in bed. 😍👑💖

These photos are from one such breakfast this morning.


Pre-Announcement for our April Women’s Support Retreat

This is a pre-announcement to the official announcement (coming later this week) exclusively for our social media friends.

All women interested in participating, save the night of April 10th for an uplifting and hopeful evening. A local nonprofit and miscarriage support group is hosting a Women’s Support Retreat here at the Castle.

All women ages 16 and older are welcome to attend.

April is the month to raise awareness for those struggling with Infertility. This retreat will touch on Infertility, and extends to women who suffer the pain of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. As the Castle is a place where love flourishes, we’re honored to play a role in this event of outreach and care.

Not only will you have the opportunity to connect with other women, you’ll also be given many tools you can use to share your story and experience to help others who suffer. The Women’s Support Retreat is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our community and, especially, the individual soul.

There is limited availability for this event so please plan ahead to reserve your spot. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning and will be available through our website castlecreekbb.com, or by phone (801)567-9437. You can purchase event tickets only or add a room for the night at a beautifully discounted rate. Pricing will be posted along with the official announcement.

Watch for updates throughout the week!

Have a wonderful day, friends!

Our First Wedding in 2018

Congratulations Maria and Randy! What and joy and pleasure it’s been to have you stay with us this week! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, and on Valentine’s Day no less! We’re so happy for you!

Your family is just lovely! You all filled our hearts with love as we made so many wonderful new friendships!

What a fantastic way to start the year. Thank you for being our first couple to tie the knot here at the Castle in 2018!

We wish you the best and hope to see you again! 💖

Bless you both!

So Many Kindred Spirits

So excited for these awesome guests to get here!😍


Canterbury has slowly crept its way to the top of my favorites list. It is our smallest room as far as floor space, but it has a wonderful King bed and our largest jetted tub. Recent renovations have created the most cozy feeling of security and comfort. The fireplace in this room is absolutely gorgeous. It has a brand-new 50″ 4K TV with Roku system on a swivel mount that allows for maximum binge-watching enjoyment. It is quaint and lovely and the large window overlooks the veranda in the backyard. 💖

We have an exciting event scheduled here at the Castle in April (details will be posted in the next few days) that I’m planning to attend and I found myself itching to book Canterbury for it before leaving it open for our other guests. I was very tempted! It’s really such a cozy little gem of a room. And I’m not so secretly hoping it stays open for me that night! 😄

Check out more photos and other info for Canterbury and our other guest rooms at castlecreekbb.com. 👑

Make Today Awesome

I sure love a brand new day full of opportunities and experiences. Make today a great one, friends! It’s the only February 6th, 2018 we’ll ever have!