Your Happily Ever After Begins Here

Just like each one of our guests, each of our ten rooms offers its own unique charm!

Kings Lodge Monday – Thursday – $209 Friday – Sunday – $239

Only a king-size bed will do for the King’s Lodge. A stone fireplace and jacuzzi tub add to the romance of our largest room. Play pool on your private pool table, and for additional romance try out our exclusive whirlpool lighting system. Many a simple man has become a true king (of love) in the King’s Lodge.

*King Bed *Jacuzzi Tub *Walk-in Shower *Pool Table *Dining Table *Fireplace *Fridge

Ivanhoe Monday – Thursday – $169 Friday – Sunday – $189

From your private balcony in one of the most inviting and romantic rooms ever conceived of, enjoy the view of nature and sound of waterfalls below. Relax on this comfy leather sofa and enjoy the warm fireplace while watching your favorite movie. Or, forget technology, dim the lights, and celebrate your love.

*Olympic Queen Bed *Balcony *Jacuzzi Tub *Walk-in Shower *Leather Couch *Fireplace *Fridge

Romeo & Juliet Monday – Thursday – $169 Friday – Sunday – $189

You will literally become Romeo when you romance your true love on this brand-new king-size bed. Enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and relax in the jacuzzi tub with soft romantic mood lighting. Step out onto the balcony to enjoy the views of nature and soothing sounds of waterfalls below. Or, if you’re feeling especially romantic, reenact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Yes, our staff will take pictures for you. And no, that’s not a ridiculous request. You’ll never forget the night you experienced that Romeo-and-Juliet love!

*King Bed *Balcony *Jacuzzi Tub *Walk-in Shower *Fireplace *Fridge

Garden Suite Monday – Thursday – $169 Friday – Sunday – $189

Escape from the world in this beautiful, year-round garden. A king-size bed surrounded by a charming garden wall, and a cozy warm fireplace enhance the romance. Relax in the large jacuzzi tub complete with romantic mood lighting and enjoy a quiet breakfast or sip hot chocolate on your own private terrace.

*King Bed *Private Patio *Jacuzzi Tub *Walk-in Shower *Fireplace *Fridge

Rapunzel’s Tower Monday – Thursday – $139 Friday – Sunday – $159

Let your hair down, you deserve it! Experience the charm and romance of Rapunzel’s Tower. After a relaxing bubble bath, cuddle up on this cozy couch and enjoy a romantic fire. And here’s a tip: If you buy her flowers, and the Deluxe Bath Set, the fireplace won’t be the only place on fire during your stay.

*Queen Bed *Jacuzzi Tub *Fireplace *Fridge

Enchanted Evening Monday – Thursday – $159 Friday – Sunday – $179

The stained-glass windows in Enchanted Evening prove you’re sleeping in a Castle. Its luxurious bath includes beautiful woodwork and a large jacuzzi tub equipped with romantic mood lighting. Relax, throw in a movie, and enjoy a carefree night.

*Queen Bed *Jacuzzi Tub/Shower *Couch *Fireplace *Fridge

Palace Royale Monday – Thursday – $139 Friday – Sunday – $169

Yes! That is a deliciously cozy Love Sac! Where there is a Love Sac, there is bound to be love. Where there is love, you are bound to be happy! Palace Royale’s hand-carved four-poster bed, surrounded by lavish gold drapes, and gorgeous jacuzzi tub, are other perfect places to heat things up. For a fun, easy-going getaway, stay in a palace.

*Olympic Queen Bed *Jacuzzi Tub *Fireplace

Excalibur Monday – Thursday – $139 Friday – Sunday – $159

The Medieval atmosphere, stone fireplace, and large jacuzzi tub are sure to bring out that rugged, strong, knight in shining armor she secretly misses during the week. Go all out tonight. Show her you’re still the man who will fight for her honor. You’ll be the hero she’s been dreaming of. You’ll live forever, knowing together that you did it all for the glory of love. Discover the knight within.

*Olympic Queen Bed *Jacuzzi Tub *Walk-in Shower *Fireplace *Fridge

Canterbury Monday – Thursday – $149 Friday – Sunday – $169

Fall in love again on this brand-new king-size bed! Canterbury’s Old English charm will take you back in time. Enjoy the view and sounds of nearby streams and waterfalls. The gorgeous fireplace, heavy oak trim and slate floors around the Castle’s largest jacuzzi tub will heat things up. And we all know that’s why you looked us up online. So go ahead – book Canterbury.

*King Bed *Jacuzzi Tub/Shower *Fireplace

Edinburgh Monday – Thursday – $139 Friday – Sunday – $159

You can almost smell the heather as you snuggle down and take in the view of our beautiful garden. Watch your favorite movie from the large jacuzzi tub. That’s right! You have a perfect view of your TV from your tub. You know what that means! Enjoy a carefree bubble bath with that special someone and binge, not only on your love, but also Netflix.

*Olympic Queen Bed *Jacuzzi Tub *Fireplace

Grand Dining Hall Monday – Saturday – Starting at $75/hour

Rent our Grand Dining Hall for a royal Birthday Party hosted by your child’s favorite Princess or Knight, your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, Bridal or Baby Shower, Business Retreat, or other event. If you don’t have one of your own coming up, join us for an unforgettable Murder Mystery Dinner Party! Ask our amazing staff about our party packages! We would love to host your event!